Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Elliott loves her food!

 There is actually a story that goes along with these hot dog pictures.

One day while me and Elliott were shopping I handed her some hot dogs. I honestly didn't think she could get into the package with just the one little tooth that she had at the time. She did and started sucking out the juices. After awhile she was able to get a tiny, tiny bit of hot dog with that little tooth as well. Nothing I found dangerous, obviously or I would have taken them from her.

We continue shopping and this lady comes up to me and asks if I knew that my baby had a hot dog package in her mouth? I was confused! What I said was, "Um...Yeah." What I thought was, "how would I not know that she had them in her mouth, I am looking right at her! How stupid do you think I am!" She then grabs the package, turns it over and notices the tiny hole that she has made and then say's, "she has made holes and is getting hot dog through them! Again I said, "Yeah..." but thinking, "and the problem is...? Holy crap lady you must really think I'm stupid and/or careless!" She then puts the hot dogs back in my cart, rolls her eyes and huffs off. I'm sure I made mother of the year in her book. Seriously, if I would have thought there was a problem I wouldn't have let her have them. I'm sure even as some of you read this you are thinking the same thing that lady thought. Oh well.

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