Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Birth Story

I was going threw my posts and realized I had not yet finished this one. So here it is 7 months later. The Birth Story!

The last appointment with my doctor before I went in to deliver, I was told I wouldn't be able to induce unless it was a medical reason because the hospital was completely full. I guess everyone wanted to have their baby's before Thanksgiving. :)

I was hoping to be induced on the 16th of November because my mother-in-law was coming in on the 15th so it would have worked out best for us. I was a little...ok...VERY disappointed when I was told I wouldn't be able to do just that.

I had to get my mind set that I wouldn't be having this baby until my body went into labor naturally. And since I had never gone into labor naturally I didn't have a guesstimate on how long that would even be. Ugh!

Any that appointment they did an ultra sound because in a previous ultrasound it showed that my amniotic fluid was a little high. Sure enough it was still a little high, nothing I was too worried about but my doctor thought if I could get in to see a high risk doc it could be medical enough that he could say get me in and started. My problem with this is that our insurance SUCKS and we would have had to pay the full bill up front! Did I really want to pay that much just to get in a little earlier? Not really.

I didn't understand why my doctors office couldn't just call the high risk doctor and tell him about the results they got from the ultrasound at their office and see what he thought. Monday morning, November 14th, I called to see if they could do just that. I left a message for one of the nurses so when one called back telling me they got me scheduled for that day to be induce I was a bit shocked! I was expecting to talk about whether or not I really needed to go in to see the specialist. This was much better news. Although, my doctor still wanted me to keep my appointment for that day to see the specialist. I called and canceled.

I called Tom and told him we were having a baby that day! He was wondering since his mom wasn't coming in until the next day if I could call and see if they could get me in in two days. I quickly told him that we take any day they can give us! I quickly found a friend to take Cole & Avery for the night. This same friend also told me she could pick up my mother-in-law from the airport if I hadn't had the baby by then. We have such GREAT friends!

5:00 that night I got in to my room and given my IV, which she had to do twice because I was so swollen she couldn't find a good vein. OUCH! I wasn't actually started until about 7:30. Before they started me they checked my progress and told me I was pretty much a -1. Depressing! Since I hadn't started dilating or effacing they had to start me on cervidal, a drug that is placed behind the cervix to help get things going. The nurse placed it and I went for a while without any pain. After a bit it really started hurting. I tried to go as long as I could but it got to that point it hurt just too bad to be tough any more. I called in my nurse and a half hour later she came in. I asked for my epidural and at that time was informed that I could not have an epidural while the cervidal was in. EXCUSE ME! WHY WAS I NOT TOLD THIS FROM THE BEGINNING? I was in a whole lot of pain at this time and apparently the cervidal is supposed to be in for about 12 hours. help, my nurse gave me a WONDERFUL sleeping drug. I was out with in 30 seconds. The only thing I remember hearing before I was gone was that it would let me sleep for about 4 hours. About 2-3 hours later I was waking and in A LOT of pain! I woke Tom, it was pretty late/early by this time, about 1:00, and he called my nurse. She came in and I was in so much pain I could no longer control the tears and I could barely talk. As I silently cried my nurse checked to see my progress. I had only dilated to a 1. That really broke my spirits. I could not believe after all of that I was ONLY a 1!! Tears still rolling down my cheeks my nurse finally decided to take the cervidal out and order the epidural. FINALLY!
Look how HUGE I was!

Once I got the epidural I could breath again. Drugs are AWESOME! After I got my epidural the rest of the time was a blur. From what I can remember my doctor came in at about 7:00 and broke my water. A couple hours later I was started on pitocen. I think it was with in that hour I dilated to a 9. By this time I could feel that my epidural was wearing off, which happened with both of my other two delivery's. I went from a 9 to a 10 with in a matter of minutes. All of a sudden had this HUGE urge to push so I told Tom to grab my nurse. She came in and sure enough...I was ready to have this baby! They called my doctor and told me NOT to push until she got there! WHAT!! How do I NOT push when everything in my body was wanting me to! MISERABLE!! I was practically crawling up the back of my bed trying not to push! Ugh...just thinking about it now makes me hurt!

At about 11:00am and what seemed like forever my doctor arrived! I was FINALLY able to PUSH!!! I was already so exhausted from not pushing that actually pushing was even more so. In the back of my mind during each push, I remembered how long it took me to push Avery out, 1.5 hrs., and didn't think I could go through that again. Luckily in was only about a half hour of pushing. At 11:29, 16 hours later, our baby was born and Tom announced that we had a beautiful baby girl! Little Elliott Elizabeth Booth joined our family!

It all worked out perfectly! Tom was able to spend a half hour with me and Elliott and then was off to the air port to pick up his mom. Once he had his mom they went and got Cole and Avery so they could come meet their new baby sister.

When they first got to the hospital Elliott had been taken to the nursery to have a bath and some other things so she wasn't in the room with me yet. They were hungry so Tom, Susan and the kids went down to the hospital cafeteria and while they were gone Elliott was brought back to me. As soon as the kids walked in and saw me holding her they both in a soft voice, "Ahhh....a baby." It was so sweet! They kept calling her my baby, "mom can I hold your baby?" We had to keep letting them know that she was the whole family's baby.

Before they came to the hospital Tom had to stop at the store for a few things and while they were there he let Cole and Avery pick out a little gift for the baby. Cole got her little finger puppets and Avery wrist rattles. Tom said they picked them out all by themselves. They were so happy and excited to give them to her. They absolutely loved her from the first second they saw her. We all did!! We are so blessed to have our baby Ellie!

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