Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Happy Birthday!

June 6th Cole turned 5 years old! My baby is growing up too fast!

The Saturday before his B-Day, June 2nd, we had a birthday BBQ with some of Cole's friends, which of course involved our friends as well.

We had a TON of delicious food! Smoked & grilled baby back ribs, smoked & grilled sausage, smoked & grilled chicken and hot dogs, for the kids. We also had 3 different kinds of salads. We made a pretty good dent in in all of that food. I was surprised because there was so much of it!

Before and after we ate the kids played in the two swimming pools we had set up along with water launchers. The big boys joined in after dinner. They had just as much fun, if not more, as the younger kids. 

Once the kids started getting cold they all changed in to dry clothes and they got to take turns bashing in a Sponge Bob Square Pants pinata thanks to our good friend Adriana! The first round was done with blind folds the 2nd round with out. It took a while to break that sucker open but once it was their was candy for all! 

Next came the cup cake, singing happy birthday and blowing out the candles. And then of course, opening of the presents. Cole is a lucky kid to have such awesome friends. He got a lot of great gifts! Thanks everyone!

 June 6th, the day of Cole's birthday, was a fun day. I wanted to take some pictures of Cole and he had tons of fun posing for them. He is such a goof ball and loves to have his picture taken! He's always asking me to take a picture of him doing this or a picture of him doing that. He also likes being the one taking the pictures too! I've found some interesting pictures on my camera

Through out the day I would ask him what he wanted for his birthday dinner and each time it was the same answer, peanut butter sandwiches! We even gave him the choice between McDonald's and peanut butter sandwiches. He chose the sandwiches so that is what we had for his birthday dinner, peanut butter sandwiches!  

After we ate, we opened presents from family. He again got spoiled! He got money from his grandma Booth and grandma & grandpa Child so he could go and pick out his own gift. From grandma and grandpa Greenhalgh he got a baseball and glove and a pitch n`field baseball set. Thanks again grandma's and grandpa's!

Soon after opening presents we went to the store so he could buy something with the money he got. He came home with lots of good stuff. 


Cole is such a joy in our family. He is a great big brother! He loves both of his sisters and his sisters love him! Elliott just adores him! He can get her to smile or laugh when no one else can. Avery tells him that he is her hero! So sweet! He is always telling me that he loves me and he loves giving me big hugs and kisses! He likes to help around the house...most of the time. :) He absolutely loves his papa! He always wants to be doing what he is doing and any chance he can get he is wrestling with him! He will be starting kindergarten this fall and is so excited! He has such a sweet spirit and we love him dearly!

Happy 5th Sweet, Goofy Boy!!
Love Papa, Mama, Avery & Elliott

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Rod Stratton said...

Looks like an awesome party. I wish we could have been there. Cole is such a poser it's awesome.