Tuesday, June 12, 2012



Saturday, May 26th, I did a hair cut and before putting my scissors away Tom and I both fell asleep on the couch. After we woke we got the kids lunch and as they were eating Tom looked at Avery and asked what was wrong with her hair. As soon as I looked I realized my mistake! Sure enough she had got to my scissors and took a big chunk out of the front of her hair!

We told her we were going to have to shave her head just like we had to with Cole after he cut his hair. She started crying! I went as far as getting out my clippers, plugging them in, turning them on and going over the top of her head to make her believe I was shaving it. Are we mean parents or what!

It took a few attempts to get it to look as cute as it is now! I had to cut short layers in the front along with some bangs. I did that while trying to keep the back long. That just ended up looking like a mullet. The next day right before church I decided to cut the back to match the front. She looked like a child from the 80's. Still not what I was going for, I came home after church and cut it in to this A-line bob. MUCH BETTER!

As much as I miss her BEAUTIFUL long hair she still looks super adorable in her new dew! Plus, now it's not constantly in her face!

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